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cPanel: Making Site Management Easier

cpanel hostingcPanel refers to a graphical control panel that aims to manage your website and hosting account easily and promptly. It is designed to deliver you a full control over a variety of functions for streamlining vital processes such as managing online files, monitoring bandwidth used, creating databases, and setting up e-mail accounts. Today, it has grown to become the most popular control panel for Web hosting, running millions of sites across the world.

Regardless of whether you are managing one or more than one servers or sites, cPanel’s user-friendly point-and-click interface facilitates quick customization of Web hosting services as per your needs. Through such an interface, it simplifies many routine Web site management tools.

The functionally friendly panel is developed on a three-tier structure for rendering usability to the Web site owners, resellers, and administrators to control the various sections and functionalities of their Web sites through any standard web browser. Even the Web site owners rely on cPanel completely for managing their site’s databases, applications, e-mail accounts, files and folders mostly via FTP, and security.

cPanel Features

The features inside the cPanel tend to automate the processes that are otherwise known manually in case of a few hosting services. Below are these features discussed, which you can access through its tool-based interface.

  • E-mail Management: Allows creating e-mail accounts and managing their passwords, space, aliases, forwarders, filters, delivery route, authentication, mailing lists, custom filtering, and auto responders. While the Webmail feature allows viewing mails from any browser, the SpamAssasin and filter tools allow controlling unwanted messages.
  • File Management: Allows editing, moving, creating, and deleting your fi... » read more

What You Need to Know about Unlimited Web Hosting Plans

Of all the hosting plans, unlimited shared hosting ones are capable of attracting attention of maximum web owners. They seem to be something special because of the term ‘unlimited’ that often conveys offering limitless hosting resources. However, the reality is that it is impractical to offer unlimited hosting. Despite having all the resources on one web server, there is always a limit to using all of them.

The True Meaning of Unlimited Shared Hosting

Unlimited truly does not mean limitless keeping in mind the server’s physical limits along with the number of hosting accounts on it. What this type of hosting means is relative. It means that you as the customer will have more bandwidth, disk space, and perhaps even domains and e-mail accounts than the hosting company predicts you to use. Nevertheless, at times, web sites do surpass a few limitations of an unlimited web hosting plan.

The Limitations to Face with Unlimited Hosting

Although labeled unlimited indicating that you do not have to worry about bandwidth or space, unlimited hosting plans actually have some limits. This is perhaps because of the server restrictions that should not be an obstacle in running it smoothly even if a site exceeds the rules of its unlimited plan. In case these rules are exceeded, your hosting company is likely to warn you before taking any action against the liable account.

Usually, the consequences of exceeding the rules or limitations are harsh: Crashing of your hosting server, slow performance of your hosting account, and slower load time for other sites on that shared server. As a result, your hosting company warrants you to upgrade to a dedicated hosting account or Virtual Private Server. Well, this is the only way to ensure that you obtain the most out of the hosting service.

So, Should I Refrain from Unlimited Web Hosting?

No! Unlimited hosting is beneficial, not unbeneficial, pr... » read more

Top 3 Reasons to Get Started with a Cheap Web Hosting Plan

Web hosting services are essential for all those who wish to maximize the benefits of using the World Wide Web for fulfilling professional or business goals. Well, for the first time and basic web owners, cheap hosting services tend to be the preference. This is perhaps because cheap hosting features special deals and promotional packages for instant signups that other hosting plans do not!

Most of us consider ‘cheap’ as lesser quality in terms of slow servers, more downtime, and non-agreeable performance of site. However, this is not the case always! It is true that there are companies providing cheap hosting plans operating on low-quality platforms but it is unfair to consider all such companies in the same bunch.

As a fact, the advancement in technology has made prices more competitive than before, making it easier to get a fully functioning site without pressurizing the bank balance. Therefore, it is wise to look for hosting solutions at truly cool prices. Well, here are 5 reasons why a beginner should go for a cheap web hosting solution.

#1: Sufficient for Simple Requirements

Most business and individual bloggers tend to have simple Web site requirements in the beginning. For example, they need small amount of bandwidth and disk space along with the basic features. If this is applicable even to you, cheap web hosting is truly ideal. It also saves you from investing more in other more expensive plans that come with more amounts of resources and features, which you truly do not need.

#2: Smooth Learning Curve

There is no doubt that the technology has come up with user-friendly tools to develop sites easily. However, it can still be challenging for the beginners, regardless of having basic computing skills or not. Even those with the basic skills might have to put in efforts to know about control panels and other aspects.

Considering this fact in mind, getting... » read more